• Future buildings will be eco-friendly and work as “living organisms”

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    Skyscrapers in the future will be more than just structures carved out of steel, glass and concrete. These energy-efficient buildings have been envisioned to have a mind of their own, with robots working as the nervous systems. According to the Foresight + Innovation team at architecture/design firm Arup, these futuristic buildings will resemble living organisms and will function on a “synthetic and highly sensitive nervous system.” The buildings will function in a green and environment-friendly way, blending into the surrounding eco-system.

    The robotic systems will help in the maintenance of the building, recycling systems, water collection, clean and renewable energy production, security and more. Also, these robotic systems will offer residents top-notch luxurious comfort, making day-to-day lives simpler by automatically completing tasks and chores.






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