• Forwarding Dallas Green Design Wins Competition for Building Eco-Sustainable Community in Dallas

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    Dallas is going green in a total planned way. Recently a competition was held to redesign a rundown block in downtown Dallas and among all the architects, designers who submitted their plans, Forwarding Dallas, a Portuguese based architectural firm was picked as a winner. Their design is high both on eco-sustainability and aesthetics. The residential blocks have a typical hill-side structure which will be used to grow plants and it incorporates renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines to supply power. There are plans in place for rain-water harvesting as well. So this community housing will be sustainable and green all the way.

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    Design of Atelier Data and Moov is atheistically extremely appealing and high on affordability too, it plans to recreate beautiful hills and valleys with prefabricated construction materials. The actual construction of this green haven is expected to begin in 2011. With such eco-sustainable housing designs becoming a reality, eco-conscious souls can make plans to shift out to green havens in next decade.
    Via Inhabitat