• Flood resistant hotel design inspired by Ark uses photovoltaics

  • Flood-resistant-hotel1.jpg
    Centuries ago, in the days of the Old Testament, God decided to flood the earth to wipe out evil and had Noah build an Ark to save the animals. We came across a more modern rendition of the good old wooden Ark created by Russian architectural firm Remistudio. Well, this one really is a hotel, designed to stand strong and endure the worst floods imaginable. Designed in connection with the International Union of Architects’ program “Architecture for Disaster Relief,” the structure can be built in various climates. The shape enables it to integrate photovoltaic cells to, for green energy generation, making it a true green concept. The concept also makes use of naturally warmed air, gathered in seasonal heat accumulators that help provide with energy too.

    With a concept like this, one thing’s for sure. Maybe a great flood might just occur again, but the hotel design by Remistudio will house its guest safe inside.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on December 29, 2010