• Floating home constructed from recycled plastic bottles

  • Houseboats aren’t uncommon, and neither is living away from land! Rishi Sowa prefers living off-land on a home made from recycled plastic bottle though, and seems to have done a pretty neat job of it too! An ecological project unlike any we’ve ever seen before, Sowa’s home was made from recycled plastic bottles that could’ve, if not for the designer, ended up in dumping grounds, killing our environment with every passing hour. Made from a staggering 135,000 recycled plastic bottles and taking several years to build, this floating home has been playing residence for Sowa since the last three years!

    And to set his home afloat in deeper waters than the lagoon where it currently resides, Rishi Sowa’s been looking for help, and we wish him all the luck he’ll need with this!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Recycle, Tags: on August 17, 2011