• Fabarhaus Pavilion is 376-square feet of eco-friendly living

  • Fabarhaus-Pavilion-1.jpg
    Eco-friendly homes that are small and compact seem to be the future of dwellings. Here’s one that was displayed at the Montreal Cottage & Country Home Show. With 376-square feet of space, this little cottage was designed and built by Faberca. Known as the Faberhaus Pavilion, the little home is self-sufficient, fulfilling all your needs and requirements. It requires no grid connection and powers up using renewable energy sources like solar energy that works the LED lighting. The fridge uses propane power. The little house was shipped in to the exhibition 95% complete. Packed with an ethanol fireplace, polished concrete floors (ground level), laminated wood floors (upper level), retractable furnishings, walnut cupboards, concrete counters/sinks, and large windows, this little home could be yours for $89,000.

    The costs cover up everything this home comes with, including the solar panels, solar panels, propane gas supply, and radiant floors and a lot more. You do have to pay your taxes and the land cost though.

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