• Empire State Building to be completely powered up by 100% wind energy

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    The Empire State Building, the tallest standing structure in the City of New York has been giving us neck sores all through its life, as we’ve been looking up, counting its floors. The colossal building will now begin buying wind energy to fulfill all its electricity needs, and is currently undergoing a multimillion dollar green renovation. 100% wind energy will be purchased from Texas based Green Mountain Energy Company while the building has already worked hard on shedding as much as 40% watts of energy consumption. The contract stands for two years for a total of 55 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy, keeping out 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year, the equivalent of planting nearly 150,000 trees.

    A hi-fi for the Empire State Building for all its green efforts into turning eco-friendly and environment-friendly!
    [USA Today]

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