• Elektrobotenhuis, the solar-powered boathouse charges electric boats too

  • Electric-Boathouse-Groosman-Partners-8-537x357.jpgAt first look, we thought this one to be an art gallery. On closer inspection, we figured this amazingly unconventional structure to be a boat-charging station! Called the Elektrobotenhuis, this beautiful structure in the Netherlands was designed by Groosman Partners. Sporting 72 solar panels, the building was designed to be durable, recyclable and sustainable. A warehouse with all the know-how and tools to build electric boats packed inside, this one also sports an indoor exhibition space where boats can float and awe onlookers. With the solar array generating a good 11,072 kWh each year, enough to juice up 1,385 electric boats, the

    Elektrobotenhuis makes maximum use of natural lighting during the day and is an acceptably green building indeed.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on March 30, 2012