• Ecorium Project – South Korea on the verge of going green with its own eco domes

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    Now it’s the turn of South Korea to turn eco-friendly yet again! And with the assistance of Samoo Architecture, a part of the upcoming National Ecological Institute(NEI) of South Korea site, a sprawling area consisting of 33,090 sq m will be provided with the most favorable conditions for a housing a relatively huge ecosystem. The Eden Project of the South or the Ecorium Project, will spot several interlinking domes appearing as wedge-shaped greenhouses. The technology will be backed mainly with the use of solar energy without any shades, but only a simulation of it by special arrangement.

    In its core, the landscaping will be covered with sinuous, leaf-like lines. There would also be structures that appear as a branch of a river. It will also be house to a good variety of wild plant reserve and wetlands reserve. A centre for visitors and a railway line would ensure a steady stream of public interaction. On the outside, the green-houses have been finished in a metal panel made with low iron low-e double glazing, wood and Plexiglas. The entire project value is estimated at $114 million.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 25, 2010