• Eco-friendly LEED-Gold certified Terminal 2 swings doors open at San Francisco Airport

  • Terminal-2-at-San-Francisco-Airport-1.jpg
    It’s been 57 glorious years since the first commuter stepped through the Terminal 2(T2) at the San Francisco International Airport. Now, nearly six decades after it was first opened for public use, the Terminal gets its first touch of green, by design firm Genster. We’ve reported on the facelift being given to the Terminal before, which has now been completed, with Mayor Edwin M. Lee inaugurating it last Wednesday. The renovation of the Terminal has won it a LEED Gold certificate too, owing to the water treatment facilities put into place, the displacement ventilation system to filter air that use 20% less energy and the use of skylights, sustainable building materials, recycled glass and recycled carpeting!

    A true green terminal that is sure to inspire airport authorities around the world to have their workplaces go green, flying from the San Francisco Terminal 2 will be an environment-friendly experience like never before!