• New York’s eco-friendly Greenhouse Nightclub to party in a green style

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    Now here’s news for those environmentalists who have stopped partying cause the atmosphere has nothing eco-friendly in it. Antonio Di Oronzo, principal of bluarch architecture, has designed the Greenhouse Nightclub in New York City. It will be the first LEED registered eco-friendly nightclub in the United States. It will have two levels and a total of 6,000 sq ft of area including the club, lounge and event space built from recycled or recyclable materials.More rocking green images follow……

    The walls connect to the ceiling via a series of laser-cut ribs creating a shelter within the space with a series of 6 inch round panels organised in an amusing pattern. A third of these panels are upholstered with eco-friendly vinyl, one third of them clad in sustainable boxwood. The disk houses also have around 2,500 LED light point of 0.8 watts. These lights are connected to a computer which will show effects according to music and its beats. Another unique thing is the ceiling which is an organic formation of 40-millimeter crystals representing a body of water about to project onto the ground. The crystals slightly vibrate with the music and respond to the green lasers and the LED on the walls and ceiling.
    The Greenhouse is also the first nightclub to receive certification by the United States Green Buildings Council for its environmentally conscious construction and design.

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