• Eco-friendly green home by Victoria University architecture students

  • solar-powered-house-by-Victoria-University-students-1.jpg
    Victoria University’s students have had their share of the limelight recently with thousands of people flocking to give their solar-powered home a look. Located at the Wellington waterfront, this home designed by the architecture students packs 28 solar panels, 48 water-collecting tubes on the roof for a solar-powered hot water system, triple glazing and wool insulation and is as eco-friendly as a home can get. Costing $500,000 to build, this one sponsored by Meridian Energy had a 40 meter line of people waiting to grab a look.

    The house will remain on display at the Frank Kitts Park till May 24 after which it will be dismantled, packed up and moved to Washington DC.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on May 9, 2011