• Eco-friendly and customizable homes, the ‘Be Coc Mobile Home’ powered by the sun

  • Be Coc.jpeg.jpgEco-friendly homes are just the thing we need in to save our ever-degrading environment today. Keeping away carbon-emissions has been on everyone’s mind these days. It’s no wonder that every time we see an eco-friendly home, we just can’t stop smiling; especially the one’s as customizable as these! Known as the Be Coc Mobile Home, these ‘homes’ are sort of caravans, powered by solar energy. Complete with a bathroom, kitchen, lounge area, this one works on clean-energy, giving you a luxurious stay, keeping up with the trends and doing the best it can to keep the environment happy.

    An innovative design indeed, the eco-friendly customizable the Be Coc Mobile Home is sure to grab a lot of attention in the green community.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on September 29, 2010