• Eco Den by Alternative Space for your green home expansion plans

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    English cottages aren’t the only things that are cute. Even their garden rooms are. Yeah, that is what a UK family business has come up with – a brilliant, eco-friendly option to live green, think green and breed green. It is called the Eco Den (how apt!) and is the latest that the Alternative Space, a business specializing in eco-friendly garden rooms has come up with. The company believes in the on-going trendy motto – ‘don’t move, improve’ and Eco Den allows just that by extending your home, spending less and saving the environment. The options for this one include a pergola and decking to rainwater harvesting system.

    It also has the option for an additional living roof or serum ‘carpet’ that improves thermal efficiency which will give the birds and bees in your community more vegetation to feed on. The Eco Den is also long-lasting thanks to its super insulated wood panels, breathable damp proof membranes and high specification double or quadruple glazing. The roof comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 50 years. The exterior is made of tongue and grooved cedar which is
    also long standing.
    The house is the master brain of Paul Marsden who designed it with the help from expertise from both his sons. This family is a green one for they are promoting something that is smart and very useful and also extremely eco-friendly. Kudos, my men. The price is $23,500 and includes footings and installation, timber Venetian blinds, internal decoration using Auro natural paint, smoke alarm, an intruder alarm and a fire extinguisher. What a deal.

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