• Dubai’s parks to use solar-powered lighting systems up ahead

  • 151772483.jpgDubai has decided to turn its green spots greener and the Municipality has decided to switch to the green side to power up and illuminate parks. The Al Barsha Pond Park in Dubai is one of the six parks already playing home to solar-powered illumination systems. As per the Dubai Municipality, two more parks will go green this in the near future with a total of four more community parks destined to go solar powered by the end of the year. Using LED and metal halide lights that use lesser energy than the usual tungsten-halogen bulbs, the lighting systems will use solar energy to charge up in the day, with the energy being stored for use at night.

    A welcome step by the Dubai Municipality, this transformation to the greener side was made subsequently to rising electricity prices.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on January 5, 2012