• Dubai to make a new Eco-friendly mall to LEEDS standards

  • dubai-mall.jpg Dubai the city of extremes, after building a ski resort in the desert which could be the worst contributor of green house gases, Dubai is all set to build a new shopping mall. Shopping malls in the city spring up everyday, but what’s unique in this one is that it will be built keeping LEED certification criteria as its guideline. Thereby making it the most Eco-friendly mall in the region, specifications suggest that the roof will be made of reflective materials to reduce the energy required to keep the building cool, and landscaping will include plants that need less water, along with on-site recycling for glass, paper, metal and plastic. The new Eco friendly mall will hopefully start a new green conservative trend in new shopping mall construction and maintenance.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on August 25, 2008