• Deutsche Bank American Headquarters sports highest solar array in the world

  • a.jpgThe Deutsche Bank American Headquarters at 60 Wall Street now has a shiny new crown. The sky-scraper was recently adorned with a 122.4kW solar array that, besides being the largest in Manhattan, is also the highest flat panel PV array in the world. At 737 feet above ground, this installation sheds light on the Deutsche Bank’s sincere efforts to sway towards the greener side. The new panels in question will reduce the carbon emissions of the building by 100 metric tons per year, helping the bank shed some of its carbon footprint.

    Also, the Deutsche Bank has been known to source energy generated from wind energy in America and Canada, and a nearby New Jersey office will also soon play home to a solar powered top.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on January 24, 2012