• Decentralized Solar Powered Parking Design for Urban Spaces

  • Green Parking space design 1.jpg
    Let’s face the truth – our urban parking spaces are choked up because of sheer increase in number of private vehicles. There is also a dearth of eco parking space in almost all modern cities. A new decentralized parking design by Alguis Berziunas and Laima Rimkute from Lithuania aptly called ‘The P is Green’ could provide green answer to our urban parking woes. It is winner on all grounds by suggesting that instead of having centralized parking space which consumes much power and needs infrastructure building, every little available urban space all over the city should be turned into solar-powered parking shelter.

    Green Parking space design 2.jpg
    This solo parking space design which will generate its own solar power looks quite elegant and will make our cities look like green haven. Best part is one can look for such shelter anywhere one travels instead of searching for nearest parking lot. Sadly, this won’t really solve the problem of urban pollution which chokes our lungs but if we do switch to green transport and make our parking spaces green too then there is much hope for our children and their future.
    Via designboom