• ‘Cross-Wind Bridge’ captures wind to illuminate by night

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    In this hour of need, we just cannot afford to sit aside and go on consuming energy in the form of electricity. It’s high time we sit up and take control of what and how much we use and consume lest a day comes where all natural resources get exhausted. Solar energy and wind energy are the richest sources of energy and Tiago Barros and Jorge Pereira have initiated a design that increases the ‘green’ quotient. They have designed a bridge will illuminate itself in the night with the power generated by the cars that pass below the bridge by the day. Thus they have optimized the conversion of wind energy to electric energy which is something to take a note of. The cross-wind bridge is meant to promote the notion of a multipurpose envelope, engineered to capture the wind power from a network of 2,188 light-weight rotating panels.

    The idea is that drivers, who pass under the bridge, will contribute to its ecosystem, increasing the wind velocity by up to 20%, optimizing the rotation of the panels. An induction power system exchanges wind energy through an electromagnetic band located on each panel. The result of this is a power source which is used to illuminate the bridge by night. Also, upping the green quotient 35% of the punctured membrane forming the bridge cladding is made of recycled steel from the auto industry. Now isn’t that thinking smart!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on October 27, 2009