• COP15: Norway Unveils Energy-Efficient Sea Facing Office Building Design

  • Energy-efficient-Norway-cop15.jpg
    Well, Copenhagen Summit is throwing up lot of surprises but the only gloom lifting ones are the new green designs and products that are being unveiled while the debate rages on. Norway for instance has unveiled a complete energy-efficient office building concept and design. It is very high on innovation from very exterior to the interiors. There are operable shutters on the exterior fa├žade which can be operated to adjust window areas according to the need of sunlight, heat during different seasons and inside of the shutters have been fitted with energy efficient LED lights. Since its sea facing, sea water has been optimally used for different water and energy needs. Also building has wind turbines for generating electricity and a green roof with rain water harvesting channels for recycling water.

    Needless to say construction materials are green too like wood with low carbon footprint. In short this is an ideal green haven which will leave minimal or no carbon foot print. As the emission cut down and climate debate continues one can just look at these green innovative designs and feel good that it will be possible to reduce consumption and carbon foot print without really compromising on modern lifestyle and needs.
    Via Inhabitat