• Checkerboard building in Vietnam sports balconies with live trees

  • checkerboard-building-1There are green buildings, and then there are buildings like this one, currently being constructed by Vietnamese design firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects. The new PT University’s administrative building is a seven-story prefab structure with a checkerboard façade that incorporates live trees! Located at Thach That just outside Hanoi, the building is unlike any we’ve ever seen before and has lush tree-filled balconies that double up as indoor gardens.

    The building is inspired by the shape of a flying dragon and promotes sustainable development in Vietnam. To keep away longer electricity bills generated by air-conditioning systems, the architects have oriented the building to face the prevailing wind and enjoy cross ventilation inside! The trees on the building’s balconies also act as a filter, cooling down winds blowing into the building and turning the interiors pleasant.





    [Via – Inhabitat]

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