• Casa Solaris Caribbean resort powers up with solar energy

  • Celebrated Canadian architect John Hix recently pulled the veil off a truly green resort, far off on the Caribbean island of Vieques, perfect for those looking out for a laid-back relaxing vacation, that doesn’t burn holes in the environment. The resort called the Casa Solaris keeps away from grid energy, instead using energy collected by the solar panels, stored in DC batteries. The energy is then converted with an inverter that eventually powers the fans, LED lighting, the refrigerators and other appliances. With the two bedroom suites spread across 1500 square feet each, the midlevel and upper level lofts are 1370 and 1010 square feet each respectively. With enough space to accommodate 16 people, the Casa Solaris is a true green vacationing spot nestled in the Caribbean!


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on February 21, 2012