• Building floating on Nevada Lake, made from recycled tires

  • Building-floating-on-Nevada-Lake.jpg
    Space on dry flat land for building purposes, particularly in urban areas, is slowly diminishing. In such situations, concepts like this floating house in the middle of a lake in Nevada kick in pretty well. Afloat in the Lake Mohave Marina, this 2,000-sqaure-foot building has grabbed a load of attention from those who stumbled across it. Built from stuff that might have probably ended up in dumping yards, this floating structure is a marvel of recycling, using rice hulls, Styrofoam, and recycled tires. The building will play home to the office of the houseboat rental firm, Forever Resorts, and was designed by Ken Couverley, who took two years to get the design of this one straight.

    The building has also applied for an LEED Gold certification, which we pretty much think it deserves, for being so purely green.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 27, 2011