• Brazil’s Pituaçu Stadium to be Latin America’s first solar powered stadium

  • 2011images_pvroofbrazil_325739902.jpgIn the land where soccer is considered more than just a religion, turning a soccer stadium green is like giving heaven a green makeover! Nestled in the third largest city in Brazil, Salvador da Bahia, the Pituaçu Stadium will soon sport a 403 kilowatt peak (kWp) system that will begin juicing the stadium in September. Germany-based Gehrlicher Solar AG has teamed up with Brazilian environmental technology group Ecoluz Participações S.A. are working on the project called Gehrlicher Ecoluz Solar do Brasil S.A.

    203 kWp worth of United Solar Ovonic’s (Uni-Solar’s) flexible thin film modules will be used for the stands while the locker rooms and parking lots will sport 165 kWp worth of Yingli’s monocrystalline modules

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