• BMW unveils eco-friendly pavilion at the London Olympics with green vehicles on display

  • BMW sure knows how to show off the fruits of its labor and in an eco-friendly and energy efficient way! The German automobile manufacturer has recently unveiled the BMW Group Pavilion at the London Olympics that’ll have on display the carmakers latest automobiles with the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre as the backdrop. The pavilion, bought to live by a renowned British architecture firm, is located on an elevated platform on the Waterworks River and has a flowing-water façade that’s more than just eye-candy. With interactive displays and the London Olympics fleet on display, the pavilion also has the BMW E-Scooter and the BMW i Pedelec concept along with the MINI Rocketman Concept on-stage alongside the BMW i3, i8 concepts.

    And that’s not all. Besides showing off a bunch of eco-friendly transport solutions, the pavilion also reuses and recycles the river water and is made from recycled steel with carbon-intensive building materials given a skip.


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on July 21, 2012