• Barbie gets a greener place to live, with Architect Barbie Dream House design competition

  • Barbie-Dream-House-Winner-1.jpg
    And with homes around the globe shifting closer towards green, it’s only fair that every girl’s beloved childhood doll lives green too. The winning design for the Architect Barbie Dream House design competition left us smiling like babies, literally, and that isn’t just because we’ve been staring at toys all this while. The Malibu Barbie Beach House design by Ting Li and Maja Parklar uses eco-friendly décor and includes a bunch of sustainable features like solar panels and energy efficient designs. The house also sports green roof spaces, making it a true green place for Barbie to reside.

    And hopefully, this green home will help educate and inspire many to change over to the green side, right from childhood!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on August 4, 2011