• Ark Encounter, a green Christian-theme Park with a biblical touch

  • Ark.jpgRemember Noah’s Ark and the great flood? Two creatures of every species were saved, while God wiped the earth clean of all evil. Well, that happened a long time ago, as the Bible states, though it still seems to have an influence on people today. No, we aren’t worried about yet another great flood. We’re talking about an eco-friendly park inspired from Noah’s Ark. The Christian-theme Park, Ark Encounter, will swing its gates open in 2014, being built by Answers in Genesis. With a budget of $150 million, the park has a lot more than living the Old Testament. LEED building standards are being adopted for this 160 acre park, complete with a huge ark, a Middle Eastern village and a live animal show.

    The park is being built with funds from donations, with $1,000 for a plank on the ark and $5000 for a beam. We’ve been wondering just how green the real ark was. It probably might’ve used a load of natural lighting!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on December 7, 2010