• Architectural and aesthetic brilliance combined to make green Dream-Home

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    Designed by architect Makoto Tanijiri, from Suppose Design Offices, this architectural wonder, situated in the Hiroshima region of Otake in Japan, is a true example of eco-friendly luxury living places. Situated on a mountain slope in Kaimei Park, this house provides a breathtaking view of the countryside along with Lake Seto which is situated below it. The house uses passive solar heating technology to reduce dependence on conventional HVAC systems which are very harmful to the environment. For using passive solar heating, the east and west facades of the house are designed in such a way as to maximize the utilization of sunlight during the winter and reduce the penetration of sunlight during the summer. Apart from this, extensive glazing is used both inside and outside to further regulate the temperature.

    The designing of the house is done in a way that the occupants can enjoy intimacy with nature whilst being indoors. The novel design combined with the technical innovations used to make this home eco-friendly, make it an actual “Dream-Home”. If this is interesting to you, you may want to look into an online architecture degree from Academy of Art University.

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