• Apple’s new headquarters designed by Norman Foster, a symbol of sustainability

  • Apple.jpgWe all know Norman Foster for his work on Abu Dhabi’s carbon neutral city, Masdar. Apple has hooked up the architect to design their headquarters located in Cupertino, California. The area spanning across 148 acres, Norman’s project termed as the City of Apple will use up some 90 acres, and the world-renowned architect will get busy drawing sketches for Apple’s dream project. And the best part, this one will be designed to be sustainable. Making use of renewable energy is the prime focus of the City of Apple. Featuring green surface areas and a network of tunnels to join all the buildings together, the City of Apple will be an example set to the world indeed.

    We’re rubbing our hands in anticipation, waiting to get our eyes on the first few renderings of this project by Apple and Norman Foster!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on December 7, 2010