• Apple’s new headquarter design will help to reduce carbon footprint by 30%

  • Apple-HQ-concept.jpg
    Apple loves giving its stuff an out-of-the-box kick, be it the revolutionary iPod, the iPhone or the now celebrated iPad. Seems like the firm also knows just how to house its employees too, that too in a green way, in a pretty interesting architectural form. CEO Steve Jobs is busy dreaming up a 3.1 million sq ft commercial project in the city of Cupertino, to be constructed in a donut shape complete with commercial space, with leisure facilities, cafes and R&D spaces for employee use. And to keep the air ridden of pollutants, the site will play home to 6,000 fruit groves. While 20% of the area will house the building structure, the plans for this campus figures landscaping space to touch a sweet 80%.

    With this, the carbon footprint of Appleā€™s new dream-campus will drop down by 30%, a pretty commendable amount for a company that keeps its phones away from green ranking schemes.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 13, 2011