• All Nations Church – Most eco-friendly, energy efficient church of Canada

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    And its not only Pope and nuns who are thinking green. By 2010, the new All Nations Church will also boast of being the most eco-friendly energy efficient church in Canada. This green church will not only be a place to worship God, but also show love and respect for our environment. Located off of St. Raphael Street in Minnow Lake, it will rise up for a cost of $5 million. Sporting a monolithic dome connected by a foyer and baptistery, the auditorium can hold 800 seats. it is the monolithic dome that will help to energy consumption as such a dome is the most energy efficient structure known. The building will use than half the energy normally required to heat the space. Also the solar paneled wall on the south side will generate most of the electricity and heat needed. Even the parking lot is intended to light up via solar power lights. Water will also be conserved by harvesting it off the roof.

    At the recent ground breaking ceremony Rev. Jeremy Mahood stated that such an eco-friendly church in Greater Sudbury is the first of its kind.

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