• A solar powered green luxury home designed for Naomi Campbell

  • solar-powered-green-luxury-home-for-Naomi-Campbell-1.jpg
    Satisfying a woman with gifts, particularly your better half, isn’t all that easy. Men have been known to wander about shopping malls desperately trying to get their hands on stuff that’ll make their beloved smile. Well, when you’re a billionaire and you’ve got Naomi Campbell for a girlfriend, gifting her something from a mall isn’t all that good, which is probably why beau Vladislav Doroni came up with plans to build this Eye of Horus-shaped 25-bedroom luxury island house that’s astoundingly green. The dome-shaped home boasts a special cooling system that uses the principals of nature to keep the interiors cool even during summer. With photovoltaic panels integrated in the glass that surrounds the home’s dome façade, this home generates its own renewable energy.

    Also, the structure uses natural daylighting to the maximum, cutting short electricity bills and leaving a substantially lighter carbon footprint than most super-luxury homes today. Designed by architect Luis de Garrido, this is probably the greenest architectural tribute of love we’ve ever come across!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on October 10, 2011