• A Japanese House from Tostem Housing that the takes eco-friendly concept to a new level

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    Reducing your carbon footprint is not limited to merely eliminating carbon dioxide, but also means making it more robust and sustainable. How you ask? Well the Eyeful Home Company of Tostem Housing Institute Co Ltd in Japan has cracked that mystic code with a “Super-sustainable Model House Next+ Nagaiki Style” house that not just cuts down on CO2 emissions but absorbs it too! Completely equipped with green and health-related devices, this is the third-level of the concept home tradition that Tostem Housing began creating in 2008 and plans to commercialize this project by 2011.

    Some of its salient features are: a photovoltaic (PV) system that comes with a rated 6.93kW output. A solar water heating and pumping system and a night time timer-based electrical vehicle charging system for electrical vehicles. The house will also feature LED and OLED based lighting systems. The house is constructed using bricks that are highly hygroscopic and stabilizes humidity and also has a SAMOS highlight and heat shielding sash and a fractal sunshade on the terrace. The house also features a “Smart Watch” and “ERIA Monitor,” to keep a tab on electricity consumption.

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