• A city inside a diamond mine, the Ab Elis ‘Eco-City 2020’

  • ab-elis-eco-city-2020.jpg
    So, you mine for diamonds, make all the money in the world out of your bounty, and leave a crater in the earth. The same was the story of the Mirniy diamond mine in Eastern Siberia, except that the crater left behind will now play home to a little green city! The Ab Elis ‘Eco-City 2020’ pretty much had us think of a city planned for the future just in case a meteor does collide into earth. This hardly is a meteor crater though, just a great way to give back to nature what humankind has reaped from it. 2km wide, the crater will be a complete city with forests, farms, community facilities and housing for 100,000. The crater will then be covered by a transparent dome equipped with solar cells that will juice up using energy from the sun and power up the city.

    Wouldn’t it sound cool telling your colleague that you live in that crater down the road? Well, we sure were stumped by this innovative design and appreciate the thought put into giving back nature what it deserves.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on November 17, 2010