• 54-floor building in Sweden made from recycled aluminum

  • Calatrava’s-Sustainable-Skyscraper-1.jpg
    One of the tallest buildings in Sweden was destined to be green right since its conception, and we’ve just got wind of what it’s like. Designed by architect, sculptor and structural engineer Santiago Calatrava, this spiral-shaped building has changed the Swedish skyline forever, and hooks on to green technology, making sure it doesn’t stamp a carbon footprint as large as those most skyscrapers today do. Called the HSB Turning Torso, the building is a residential structure that twists a complete 90 degrees, from top, to bottom. Standing 54 floors high, the building drives its design inspirations from human bodies and nature and is made of concrete, steel, glass and recycled aluminum. To power this one, energy is sourced from 100% renewable sources, making it a truly green place to live in!


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 4, 2011