• 100% self-sufficient home by Robles Arquitectos in Playa Carate, Costa Rica

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    Beautiful is the word for this one, with a whole lot of green and eco-friendliness. We’re talking about a house built by Robles Arquitectos in Playa Carate, Costa Rica, which takes the whole concept of self-sufficiency to yet another level, boasting a full 100% of it. The house is located in Playa Carate on the Peninsula de Osa, home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity and lacks access to water and electricity, taken that its so far flung and remote. Jaw dropped in shock? You can stop gaping now. This one uses natures helping hand to satisfy those needs. The house uses forest water and with the help of two low-impact hydroelectric turbines and a bunch of solar panels, produces enough energy, about 10,800kWh in all. The house is elevated a meter above the ground, to reduce humidity, and is opened out to nature, for increased ventilation and exposure to the sun.

    This piece of architecture by Robles Arquitectos sure gives the concept of sustainable living a much more practical and applicable touch to it.

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