• World’s largest wind energy park faces $54 million loses in thefts

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    Even though the world races to such development, developing countries still lag behind. The reason is only on its inhabitants. A country is run by its people and if people are going to hamper the progress for all those who take the country forward, there is nothing anyone can do but move on to more compatible shores. In India, Dhule, a village in Maharashtra, a huge project – namely the world’s most ambitious wind energy park project has been undergoing construction. But over the past two and a half years, thieves from the vicinity have been stealing copper from the windmills, calculating losses up to $54 million, making it the biggest ever theft recorded in the state’s industrial sector. Suzlon, the world’s fifth largest wind energy company that is responsible for the project is facing huge loses and so is considering shifting to neighbouring state Gujarat or southern state Tamil Nadu… which can turn as a major blow for Maharashtra.

    The incident was brought to light by the state’s own agency, the Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC), in its resource mapping study, completed on March 2009, for districts with a low human development index. MEDC now wants the state to act urgently to save its image. This wind energy farm located in the district that currently has the country’s highest wind power output (592 MW), said to be the largest, has 1,000 MW capacity set to be expanded to 2000 MW within eight months.

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