• World’s largest tidal turbine, the Atlantis Resources AK1000 is unveiled in Scotland

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    The giant amongst them all, the Atlantis Resources AK1000 is sure catching the waves in the right way and a whole lot of attention too. This huge tidal turbine recently had its veil pulled off in Scotland, and will soon be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney later. The colossal tidal energy generator weighs in at around 130 tons and stands around 74 feet. It’s just as wide too, with the rotors measuring up to nearly 60 feet across. Taken that it’s so huge and heavy, the AK1000 is bound to generate a whole lot of energy, and it does so too. Capable of generating up to 1MW, a single tidal turbine like this can generate enough energy to lighten up around 1000 homes.

    The turbine uses two sets of blades and can easily generate power from both ebb and flood tides. It’s strong enough to bear the rough Scottish seas and the harshest weather conditions too. Scotland has its own giant hero, the evergreen AK1000.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 13, 2010