• World’s largest offshore wind farm, $1billion Horns Rev 2 starts work

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    Work is getting serious with alternative energy being harnessed continuously. Today, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the $1billion Horns Rev 2, will go into operation at a site 30 kilometers off the coast of Denmark. The farm has been built by a Danish utility called Dong Energy and it has 91 turbines made by Siemens which is spread over an area of 35 sq km. Hopes from the farm are to generate 209 megawatts which is enough electricity to supply 200,000 households a year. According to one particular survey done by the by the European Wind Energy Association, offshore wind could be the dominant source of employment in the sector in Europe by 2025, providing 200,000 jobs. This is good news on either side for a change – the citizens’ and the politicians’.
    [Green Inc]

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