• World’s first power generating glass window opens up to greener horizons

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    Roll up the solar powered blinds to expose the photovoltaic glass window! Watch out for such solar windows at Hollywood and Las Vegas as Rainbow Solar, the company behind these green windows is already working on integrating them in signature projects. RSi PV-Glass Window uses the sun’s light and heat, to generate electricity, reduce heat, and provide a semi-transparent display. These energy efficient transparent windows are capable of generating 80 to 250 watts and at the same time cut down on bills by 50%.

    Touted to be the green windows of the future, RSi’s window can be built up to 9×9 ft in size, and uses battery technology with a lifespan of 55 years. It also comes embedded with many smart home technologies, including an optional built-in electrical privacy curtain, to completely block out an already shaded glass window, and a new technology that converts the entire window into a light panel.