• Windstalk wind turbines use stalk-like structures to generate energy from wind with piezoelectricity

  • windstalk-wind-power-concept-1.jpg
    Wind turbines aren’t really the only way to harvest energy from the wind. Recently, we came across this amazing design for a wind-energy generator that left us feeling like fleas! Called the Windstalk concept, these energy generators were designed by New York design firm Atelier DNA and are inspired by stalks that simple oscillate in the wind, generating energy. To be used at the Masdar city, the project uses 1203 stalks in all, standing 180 feet high anchored to the ground with concrete bases 10 to 20 meters in diameters. Also, the stalks include LED lights on the top that glow brighter with higher wind intensities! Using piezoelectric ceramic discs to generate energy, these are indeed the prettiest wind-energy generators we’ve seen, and walking through these sure seems like a flea’s journey around the hair-pores of your pooch.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on October 20, 2011