• Wind-energy generation at home with the Wind Cubes

  • Windcube.jpgSolar panels aren’t the only way of generating renewable energy at home any more! You can now harvest some of the wind at home too, with this awesome and innovative creation by designers Liao-Hsun Chen and Wen-Chih Chang. Oh, and if you’re a DIY fan, you’ll sure love this one a lot more! Known as Wind Cubes, these wind energy generators simply need to be unpacked, attached onto the wall with screws, hook it up to a battery, and let the wind do the rest. Packed with blades, a generator, a telescopic shaft and switch, fifteen of these interconnected to each other, in a beehive like design, can power up your entire home with renewable energy.

    Each producing 21.6kWh a month, this Liteon Award winning design brings home wind energy generation on a practical scale.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on December 6, 2010