• Wind turbines integrating photovoltaic cells to generate energy when the winds are down

  • Solar_Powered_Wind_Turbines.jpeg
    A wind turbine without wind is like a show-fish out of the fish tank, absolutely useless. To make a wind turbine more productive when the winds refuse to blow, researchers at the University of Liverpool integrated photovoltaic cells on the blades of a wind turbine to soak in the sun when the winds are low. A novel and practical idea indeed, this one makes sure energy is generated, regardless of the wind conditions. Computer generated testing however showed up an unexpected problem that could rise using technology like this. Having the photovoltaic cells integrated into the wings that will eventually spin produces a glare that could damage the eye sight of people nearby!

    So, the solar soaking wind turbines will need to be placed as far away from settlements as possible and away from pilots too. The technology will work just fine and will help erase the shortcomings of wind turbines.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 4, 2011