• Wind powered streetlights use turbines to make the light glow

  • Wind_powered_streetlights.jpg
    Now lighting up highways that pass through deserts, mountains and other far of locations can be a pain, considering the fact that they need to be constantly maintained, powered and burn up a whole lot of energy from the grid. Well here’s an awesome and innovative solution to power up those lights that help us see those long miles ahead. The guys at TAK Studios came up with the Turbine Light. As the name suggests, these wind powered lights use the air produced by the cars zipping by to make their individual turbines turn and produce energy. Though critics are skeptical that the energy produced will be enough to spark the lights on, cities can also switch on to solar powered lighting! Hopefully cars on highways zip around fast enough and get these cool streetlights up and running.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 8, 2010