• Wind powered Danish amusement park Tivoli for greener rides

  • Tivoli_amusement_park.jpg
    You may soon enjoy guilt free rides at the Danish amusement park, Tivoli. Why guilt free? That’s because of the parks initiative to go green and save power! To make this possible, the park will now have its power supplied from a turbine near the coast of Copenhagen, the city hosting the summit on climate change. The turbine will generate energy from the wind and supply the park with enough energy to power up the entire park, including its food stalls, restaurants and shops. However, the park will also receive power from the Danish power grid, which uses coal power plants, when the winds are not enough.

    This initiative by the park, according to Lars Liebst, Tivoli’s CEO has also sparked the interest of other companies, like Mercedes, who wishes that the park uses its hybrid buses for ferrying passengers from the park to the hotel being built by Tivoli. Hopefully, the turbine which is undertaking final tests now will help save power and prove its worth in making the Tivoli amusement park, a greener experience.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 14, 2009