• Wind power in India by Siemens

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    The Germans are trying to have India go green. Siemens, the engineering big shot from Germany is planning to invest a whopping $346 million over the next three years on the Indian renewable energy sector. The firm will also increase its Indian workforce by 50%. One-third of the amount the company Is investing will be used for developing wind power turbines. A turbine manufacturer plant will be built near West Bengal and Gujarat, both of which are coastal areas where wind energy farms will be built. This isn’t the first time India is having wind energy power it up.

    The Suzlon Energy plant in South India started off with just 20 employees and produces 4200MW of power a year. The Indian government is taking renewable energy seriously and has recently announced subsidies for utilities using solar power totaling $5 billion over the next 20 years.
    Siemens will help India realize the need for renewable energy and efficiently use it.

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