• Wind energy for the home use now made available by Honeywell

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    Apart from being able to harness the solar energy, not much could be done in terms of using alternative energy sources at home. Big industries and companies no doubt innovate various methods, but at home not much can be experimented with. But now, with the Wind Turbine WT6500 being made available to our homes by WindTronics and Honeywell, things are looking upwards. Capable of producing 2000 kWh/yr in class 3 winds, the WT6500 would generate about 18% percent of the average household’s annual electricity needs, this Do-It-Yourself turbine is very innovative, in the sense that the power generation is done at the blades unlike the traditional ones that use gears.

    The key upside is that the WT6500 will produce electricity even at low wind speeds, as low as 2 mph (3 kmh).