• Wale’s first grid-connected freestanding tidal turbine begins tests

  • sea-turbine-2Nothing can stop the United Kingdom from soaking in some green juice, and that includes the tide! Very recently, an underwater turbine off the coast of Pembrokeshire at Ramsey Sound was unveiled. This project is currently on a 12-month long trial period and will generate clean and green renewable energy for homes in St. Davids. Built by Mustange Marin, the structure that stands seven storeys high will generate energy from tidal currents on the sea bed.

    Weighing in at 150-tonnes, the turbine is a patented DeltaStream device and Wales’ first grid-connected freestanding tidal turbine! Besides helping the area with renewable energy, the turbine will also help generate jobs for those living in the vicinity. The project’s shareholder, Eco2 Ltd, is also planning a 10MW setup of nine turbines that would generate enough power for 10,000 homes! It’s time to wave coal-fired power plants goodbye!

    [Via – Pocket-Lint]

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