• Vestas V112 prototype wind turbine faces glitches with parts falling off

  • Vestas-V112-prototype-wind-turbine-1.jpg
    Maybe you could blame the wind for this one, or just some clumsy engineering. The Vestas V112 prototype wind turbine had a chunk of its blade fall of recently. The rotor blade’s tip fell off this 3MW wind turbine during a test run in western Denmark. A poor and disappointing start to a much anticipated project, a whole six to seven meter piece fell of the blade. Now Vestas spokes person, Western Jutland poked a point saying that this being a prototype, was expected to fall to pieces. Very recently, the firm won an order for this very wind turbine model for Australia’s biggest wind farm, the 420 MW Macarthur.

    Hopefully, nothing more falls of this green energy generator and things go as planned, both for Vestas and the Macarthur wind farm, giving the world a greener dose of energy.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on September 10, 2010