• Vatican, the greenest state in the world, leading the way in renewable energy

  • Solar-panels-at-the-Vatican-1.jpg
    Now besides those beautifully sculpted statues of saints on the roofs of Vatican structures lay arrays of solar panels, turning the tiny city of Vatican into the world’s most environment friendly state. With a little record of its own in generating solar energy, 200 watts at peak times, the Vatican is leading the way, inspiring people with spirituality and eco-friendliness, at the same time. With a population of just 800 people, the Vatican City’s solar panel array on the roof of the Paul VI conference hall has saved as much as 89.94 tons of oil equivalents! Just a while ago we came across news of Pope Benedict XVI, hailed as the green Pope looking forward to an electric car for himself.

    It’s time for use to look up to Vatican’s steps taken towards a green future.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 8, 2010