• UN dreams of a world sourcing 80% of energy from renewable by 2050

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    With the environment depleting and degrading owing to constant stabs from fossil fuel use and with dependency on diminishing oil resources increasing, the world is moving towards renewable energy sources these days, mainly wind and solar energy, to power up. Global warming needs to be tackled and brought down, and to do so, the world needs to source at least 80% of the total electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by the year 2050. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that to achieve just that, world governments need to invest and pump in a lot more funding in the renewable energy sector and at the same time introduce policies that encourage cleaner energy use too.

    Investments of up to $1.5 trillion in the renewable energy sector are required to be chipped in by the world by the year 2020. If all goes as planned, our wild might just be saved from being chocked and strangled by polluting energy sources used today!
    [CBC News]

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